Monday, June 18, 2012

California State Cross Country Championships

On my way to 4th Pro at the California State Cross Country Championships. Photo by Heather Breyer.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tuesday Night World Championships

The calm before the storm.
I've never really liked the title, "Tuesday Night World Championships" for our weekly Sunset circuit training ride here in Redlands. To me, that title has a negative connotation to it, or sounds sarcastic, like people take it as serious as a Pro Tour rider would take the actual World Championships. Don't get me wrong; people do take the Sunset ride serious. There's no rainbow jersey on the line, but bragging rights are almost the next best thing. Personally, I've always taken the ride seriously. It's the one day a week that I can consistently stomach doing hill intervals. And we all know that if you're not doing hill intervals, you're likely to go nowhere when it comes to bike racing. So, come on out on Tuesday night and do some hill intervals with us, if you can stomach it...